468*318*13MM WL Aluminum Alloy Repair Maintenance Platform Blue

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Product Specification:

1. Compatible With: Mobilephone/Tablet Repair

2. Color: Blue

3. Size: 468*318*13MM

4. Material: Aluminum Alloy

5. Weight: About 4000g

Product Features:

This product can bring a clean, standardized working images to each communication electronic maintenance master and 

customer, the working environment becomes clean and tidy, and the working plane design is humanized. The extended 

platform is 330mm*198mm*4mm, it is very convenient for cleaning and repairing sundries, removing, cleaning and replaceing, 

Multi-function, mult-purpose, mult-type....., materials slot tools need to be on this platform, it can be known and meet the needs 

of the vast number of communictations electronics industry maintenance master.

The utility model relates to an automatic memory recovery structure, in particular to a maintenance platform, which is used for

the electronic communication service and is made of a flame retardant material and self extinguishing property MSDS. 

Maintenance platform specifications includes the maintenance activities area, removing slot tools and common maintenance

supplies placing slot.

1.The edge part of the maintenance area has a high precision scale square. And it is a plane effect combined with the silicone 

    insulation pad.

2.The four comers of the column is a positioning column, which is connected with the rectangular expansion area: 

    330mmX198mmX4mm U has a insulation pad and it is resistant to high temperature of 500 degrees. It is very convenient 

     for removing, cleaning and replacing! 

3.The removing tool slot is composed of multiple sets of hollow cylinders, multiple sets of concave convex sets, material slot 

    A and material slot B. 

4.The multi function slot The common maintenance supplies placing slot can be oval, round or rectangular shape. The slot is 

   engraved with the size and product name, which enhances its own flexibility. 

Package Content:

1 x  WL Aluminum Alloy Repair Maintenance Platform Blue


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4. We offer 1 year warranty for this item.

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