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SUNSHINE 10 inches SZM45T-B1 HDMI 1600W Megapixel Camera With Trinocular Zoom Microscope

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1. Product introduction:

The item can provide a high quality optical system and the durable and reliable operation. It is with

complete accessories and diversified portfolio allocation. This item can meet the requirements in modern

biology, medicine, scientific research, modern electronic industry on-line detection and other science and t

echnology industrial area, and high precision and other areas.

2. Specifications:

(1). High quality optical components, which are coated with a special film, have a high quality optical image.

(2). In the large field of view to form a flat image and good contrast as the positive, especially in the external field of

       view as the quality is more bright and clear

(3). Use the continuous zoom lens 0.7X ~ 4.5X (6.3:1), the standard magnification is 7X ~ 45X. (matching auxiliary

       objective lens, the magnification is 200w).

(4). The effective standard working distance reaches 120mm, matching with auxiliary objective.

(5). The Observation head is 45 degrees tilt, binocular vision is adjustable, can ensure that users of different visual

      acuity can get a clear picture of satisfaction.

(6). Ergonomic structural design, with the best point of the high, long time use will have non sense of fatigue.

(7). With the design of changing the hand wheel level (axial) bilateral setup, easy to operate and comfortable,

       with high repeat precision.

(8). With a variety of accessories, expand the application area.

(9). Base size: 250*240*10mm,Horizontal moving 420mm, vertical height 350mm can be observed in any direction

3. Technical Details

(1). Features: HDMI display, VGA camera, HD microscope

(2). Eye Piece: 0.7X - 4.5X

(3). Drawtube: Trinocular

(4). Frequency: 50/60HZ

(5). Display: 10 inch

(6). Pixels: 1920*1080P

(7). Magnification for HDMI: 200W

(8). Weight: 5.285 kg

(9). Working Distance: 120mm


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