S Type Soldering Iron Tip

900M-T-IS Welding Soldering Iron Tip

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1. Compatible with:

     brand constant temperature soldering station 936,936A, 936b, 936B, 936D, 937,938,969A,

     969D and other commonly used series, also applies to the same shape type of handheld

     35W / 50W / 60W constant temperature soldering iron.

2. Colors: silver

3. Dimensions: diameter about 6.5mm, sleeve diameter of about 4.2mm

Product Feature

1. The use of sustainable high temperature alloy, the inner sleeve for the pure copper material,

     can effectively quickly heat conduction, uniform diffusion, strong temperature effect; surface

     matte silver treatment can effectively prevent oxidation, black, tin, keep on Tin high energy,

     beneficial welding.

With packaging: no


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2. The procuct prevails in kind.

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