JABEUD Mini Clean Bench 110V/220V

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Product Specification:

1. Model: SUGON 122

2. Supply: AC220V

3. Power: 15W

4. Size: 310*210*270mm

5. Package Size: 270*360*350mm

6. Package Weight: about 7kg

7. Material: Metal Iron

8. Function: Dust Removal

Package content

1 x Mini Clean Bench 220V


* Please run for 5-10 minutes after booting, and wait until the machine enters the dust-free state before

   using the device.

1. The Product prevails in kind, pictures are just for reference.

2. The item will be shipped in 2 working days after ordering.

3. Please read related informations carefully, we are not responsible for any damage due to improper operation.

4. Usually, we offer 1 year warranty for this item.

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