Metal Opening Pry Disassembly Tool 3pcs/set

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1. Compatible with: Mobilephone/Tablet/PC

2. Colors: Green

3. Function: Opening

5. Weight: About 200g


1. Metal scraper prying tool for ipad / Tablet

2. DIY opening pry tool for opening up electronic device

3. High quality steel blade easily slips between the tightest gaps in the toughest devices

4. The ergonomic handle and flexible steel blade make it easy to open devices

5. Designed to scrape or pry while opening or fix your phone or tablets

With packaging: Yes

Package content:

1 X Metal Opening Pry Disassembly Tool 3pcs/set


1. Please check your model and choose the right color before ordering.

2. The procuct prevails in kind.

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