HZW Microscopical Soldering Fume Extractor US Plug

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Product Description:  

Main ingredient of soldering flux is rosin resin, which produces toxic smoke when soldering.

Inhaling these toxic smoke can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and inflammation of eyes.

That is why you need a smoke absorber. 

Product Specification:

1. Main Material: Metal

2. Plug Type: US Plug

3. Input Voltage: 100-240V AC (50/60Hz)

4. Power Consumption: 16W (50Hz); 14W(60Hz)

5. Vertical Placing Air Flow: 1.0m⊃3;/min.(50Hz); 1.1m⊃3;/min.(60Hz)

6. Horizontal Placing Air Flow: 0.4m⊃3;/min.(50Hz); 0.5m⊃3;/min.(60Hz)

7. Vertical Placing Flow Speed: 1.0/s(50Hz); 1.1m/s(60Hz)

8. Horizontal Placing Flow Speed: 2.6/s(50Hz); 2.9m/s(60Hz)

Product Features:

1. Breathe easily with this smoke absorber which removes soldering smoke and fumes quickly,

    safely and efficiently.

2. The smoke absorber can be placed vertically (standing up) and horizontally (laying down), or

     be mounted onto a bracket.

3. When the smoke absorber is placed vertically, it can absorb a wide range of smoke.

4. When placed horizontally, it can save space in height and absorb smoke powerfully.

5. It is a indispensable tool for safe and comfortable working environment to ensure health of

    soldering workers.

Package content:

1 x HZW Microscopical Soldering Fume Extractor


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