F20 Touch-Sensitive Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones White

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Product Specification:

1. Compatible With: IOS/Android

2. Bluebooth Version: V5.0

3. Headphone Size: 40.5*18*16.5mm (1:1 with AirPods)

4. Charging Box: 300mah

5. Charging Box Voltage: 5V

6. Earphone Battery: 30mah

7. Distance : 10-20m

8. Call Time: About 160min

9. Charging Time: About 60-120 min

10. Charging Box Port: Lighting

11. Standby Time: 38days

12. Package Weight: About 100g


1. The product prevails in kind, pictures are just for reference.

2. Please check your model and read related information carefully before ordering to avoid mistakes.

3. The item will be shipped in 2 working days after ordering.

4. We offer 1 year warranty for this item.

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