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Double Bearing Motherboard PCB Fixture Holder (Random Color)

Double Bearing Motherboard PCB Fixture Holder (Random Color)

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The tool can be used for clearing clutters conveniently, be disassembled and cleaned easily. It has 

 the quality of anti-slip, anti-corrosion, resistence to high temperature and quick heat dissipation.

The multifunction,multipurpose and various types features satisfy different working requirement of

repair masters in electrical communication industry.

specification and dimension

Total dimension: 190mm x 88mm x 16mm

Total weight: about 280g

Resistent to high temperature: 500 degrees

Material 1: 304 stainless steel

Material 2: imported heat resistenting synthetic stone

Material 3: 5052 aluminum alloy

Operation steps

1. Put the repair equipment or electrical motherboard into the professional fixture

2. Fix the motherboard by rotating the bidirectional bearing

3. Use your electrical hot gun,soldering iron or reflow tool to repair electrical product.


Please pay attention to the temperature of the fixture under high temperature working condition,

tear down the motherboard after the fixture has cooled down to avoid scald.