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iPod Parts

Phonelcdwholesale, as a professional supplier of spare parts for phones or other mobile devices, offers a variety of iPod parts, which are 100% brand new, non-refurbished, and 100% perfectly compatible with iPod at wholesale prices(always low) on the line.

Based on the global largest purchase market, Shenzhen, China, Phonelcdwholesale are with the  capability of managing the store flexibly, and maintaining a sufficient stock of spare parts for the product line of iPod ,including the latest iPod Touch 5th, its predecessors from  iPod 1t to iPod 4th generations; iPad Nano 1st through 7th generations .

Thanks to the exquisite design by Apple Inc., installation of the iPod spare parts involves a series of complicated procedures, and requires professional tools and skills to disassemble and assemble the iPod. 

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