The iPhone 5S parts feature three levels of touch screen replacement: Full Assembly Screen for iPhone 5S, Screen Replacement for iPhone 5S (Original), Screen Replacement for iPhone 5S (Third Party).Each version of the touch screen replacement is available in white and black. Notably, to consistent with the new design feature-home button with Touch ID technology, we offer Home Button and Flex cable full assembly for iPhone 5S in three color versions: Gold, Black, and White.

The iPhone 5C parts have many of Power Volume Mute 3 Buttons and SIM Card Tray in five color schemes- Blue, Green, White, Yellow, and Red, greatly matching with the iPhone 5C unique colorful hard-coated polycarbonate casings. Due to design changes in contrast to its predecessor iPhone 5 or counterpart iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C features two even tiny bottom screws, plastic side buttons, ports and slider. We also supply spare parts for those design changes, in addition to regularly hot sell products, such as Full Assembly Screen for iPhone 5C, Screen Replacement for iPhone 5C. 

The iPhone 5 parts features levels of touch screen replacement: LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 5, Screen for iPhone 5 Include Front Camera Lens + Home Systems + Earpiece, and Screen Replacement for iPhone 5, all of which are available in black and white. In addition to various touch screen replacements, we keep in stock of other high-quality spare parts for iPhone 5, including loudspeaker ringer buzzer, metal home button holder, Wi-Fi antenna, and home button flex cable.

The iPhone 4S parts include two versions of touch screen replacement, a wide range of flex cables, and other internal spare parts. For iPhone 4S, the two versions of touch screen replacement are from different sources, either original or aftermarket. The original version is described as LCD Screen Assembly for iPhone 4S Original, while the version from aftermarket has the description of Screen Replacement For iPhone 4S (OEM).Make sure to make the right option before placing the order. iPhone 4S spare parts also features a  variety of flex cables supporting diverse functions, such as home button flex cable, earphone jack flex cable, dock connector flex cable, and sensor on off flex cable.

The iPhone 4 parts have listed spare parts for iPhone 4 GSM model and iPhone 4 CDMA model respectively. Before placing an order, identify what models you iPhone 4 carries and go further to choose the spare parts in directed categories. The iPhone 4 spare parts carry two versions of touch screen replacement in different levels of source, while iPhone 4 CDMA Spare Parts only has an aftermarket version of touch screen replacement. Both of the iPhone 4 spare parts and iPhone 4 CDMA spare parts compose of many of superior spare parts, including touch screen support frame, light proximity sensor power flex cable, dock connector flex cable, and audio jack flex cable.

The iPhone 3GS parts and iPhone 3G parts provide spare parts for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3 respectively. As the successor of iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS features some internal design changes. Though iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS share several spare parts, but they do separately have self-compatible replacements. Read the tile of each product clearly, which clearly clarify that the part is compatible for only one model or both of iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS.

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