2Pcs Side Keys for Huawei P20 Blue Ori

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Product content:

1. Side keys


1. Compatible with: Huawei P20

2. Quality: Ori

3. Color: Blue

4.  Net weight: about 5g

Product features:

The item is economical and suitable for Huawei P20 perfectly, it can solve problems caused by broken

side keys.If you damage or lose your side keys, you can replace them with this new item. 

Package content

1 x Side Keys for Huawei P20 Blue Ori


1. The Product prevails in kind, pictures are just for reference.

2. Please check your phone model and read related information carefully before ordering to avoid


3. The item will be shipped in 2 working days after ordering.

4. It’s a little difficult to replace this item because you need to disassemble your device to get them replaced.

    So specific tools and professional techniques are highly recommended. We are not responsible for any damage

    due to improper installation.

5. We offer 1 year warranty for this item.

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