2017 WL PCIE NAND Flash Chip Programmer Tool Kits Machine Fix Repair HDD IC Serial Number for iPhone 6S-7 Plus/iPad Pro

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1:No need boot disk

2:No need engineering data cable,and you can use normal data cale

3:Equipping with touch switch,can reduce the frequent problems from switch

4:Having light and sound alarm when NAND is in wrong Direction

5:Can Check the NAND automatically when putting NAND in the machine


1:Can read and write serial number,model,region,wifi&bluetooth address and color for the


2:Can expand the iDevice memory by changing bigger capacity NAND after setting right PCIE

   NAND data

3:Can release wifi limitation from PCIE NAND,and you can solve the problem for wifi chip by

   changing this chip

4:Can restore new NAND with iTunes

5:Support mass write mode


1:Take NAND from logic board.Befoe doing,please remove the glue around the NAND,otherwise

   small chip will be taken together(Please do it carefully!!!)

2:Backup the data from old NAND,and save on the computer(use software)

3:Restore new NAND with iTunes

(1):Put new NAND in programmer

(2):Switch to "Restore" mold;PC will detect DFU automatically

(3):Open iTunes,then begin restoring,please be patient

4:When error 53 appear,then switch the programmer to "read&write"mold,so that we can copy

   the data from old NAND to new one

5:Copy data from old to new NAND:

(1):Switch to "read&write"mold

(2):Do"new hard disk initialize"

(3)Choose your phone model

(4)Do"write bottom"

(5)Do"write all disk data"


1:Before operation please install the latest iTunes and hard driver

2:The software support Win7 and above

3:The package not includes any NAND Flash

4:For iPhone SE,the programmer can not write print data

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