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iPad Parts

As a line of tablet computers with portable and slim design, iPad features a wide multi-touch display whether in 7.9 inches or 9.7 inches. Despite the fruit company has declared that LCD display on iPad is guarded with fingerprint and scratch-resistant glass, however, unexpected external forces always lead to fatal injury on iPad, making the touch screen scratched or damaged.

Luckily, as a professional supplier of iPad parts and iPhone parts, we always have stocked touch screen with home button assembly for iPad, giving an emergency rescue for the disabled iPad. In addition to touch screen for iPad, we also feature a variety of other iPad spare parts

The iPad Air parts feature two versions of touch screen replacement in different assembly levels: Touch Screen for iPad Air, Touch Screen with Home Button Assembly for iPad Air. The noticeable difference between the two versions is that the home button assembly is assembled whether or not .Both versions are available in black and white. Due to modular design, LCD display is separated from the front touch screen, thereby you can choose LCD replacement or touch screen replacement respectively.

The iPad mini Retina parts and iPad mini parts separately offer spare parts for iPad mini with Retina and iPad mini. As the successor of iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina features some design revisions, the most noticeable of which is the adoption of Retina display. Therefore, iPad mini Retina shares the digitizer assembly with iPad mini, but uses the LCD replacement different from the one for iPad mini.  In addition to digitizer assembly, iPad mini with Retina and iPad mini share more spare parts, such as back camera, front camera, left and right loud speaker ringer buzzer and LCD screen shield plate.

The iPad 4 parts features three levels of touch screen replacements, differing from each other whether in quality or assembly levels.
•    High Quality Touch Screen for iPad 4  (Quality: High ; Assembly level: without Home button assembly)
•    Digitizer touch screen assembly for iPad 4 (Quality: Medium ; Assembly level: with Home button assembly)
•    Touch Screen Digitizer for iPad 4  (Quality: Medium ; Assembly level: without Home button assembly)
 Choose the appropriate version of touch screen replacement for iPad 4.If more details about the products, you may contact us directly.

The iPad 3 parts also feature three levels of touch screen replacements, differing from each other whether in quality or assembly levels. Choose the version that is best suitable for your requirement. As the design of iPad 4 is almost identical to iPad 3, they share several spare parts, including home button, power flex cable, and high quality adhesive strips.

As with iPad 3 and iPad 4, the iPad 2 parts have three levels of touch screen replacement as well. In addition to touch screen replacement, we also offer a series of small spare parts, such as home button with metal and circuit board assembly, audio jack flex cable, LCD flex cable, loudspeaker assembly, right side 3G antenna, and high quality adhesive strips.

About the first generation of iPad, we never neglect it and create the category of iPad 1 parts listed with many of spare parts for iPad 1, greatly meeting the customer’s diverse requirements. You will not only find blocky high-quality digitizer assembly replacement and LCD screen replacement, but also screen adhesive strips for iPad.

We have stocked all the parts sufficiently and get ready to ship them as soon as the order placed.